Jennifer L BlanckI love to write.

I write as part of my freelance, full-time, and volunteer work. And I write in my free time. If I’m not near my computer, I always have pen and paper to jot down ideas, phrases, and words.

My stories often focus on lifestyle, professional development, and career management topics, but I cover a range of technical and general interest topics—from agricultural research to Zagreb. I translate complex subject matter into concise, lay language and enjoy learning about and tackling new subjects. And since I can’t get enough, I also write about writing.

My pieces are for online and print materials. These include a little bit of everything, such as feature articles, profiles, website content, speeches, promotional and educational publications, self-marketing materials, and fundraising solicitations. I also work with designers and other vendors to make sure an organization’s branding materials support its identity and mission. I do all this for private, nonprofit, and public sector clients at U.S. and international organizations.

I’m also a fan of the Oxford comma. If given my way, I will always include it.

What can I write for you?